Saturday: February 21, 2004.

I just got back from a fun party where everyone complained about work and get wasted...At the end of the party, we were listening to Pat McCurdy's goofy songs... We decided "goofy town" should be our theme song at work.

All materials on this page are from Pat McCurdy's website.

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Goofy Town by Pat McCurdy



Goofy Town Guitar tab for Goofy Town

I live in Goofy Town with all the idiots
And we don't have a clue, but we're content
I live in Goofy Town where all the morons are
Completely out of whack and really bent

I got no sense, I got no senses
I got no natural defenses
I got no past of future tenses
I'm a man without a memory

I never feel compassion
That kind of thing is out of fashion
Give me a hammer, I'll start smashin'
And all our problems will be solved

Really bent, really bent, I am really very bent
I'm one hundred ten percent bent
And I'm wondering how my life went
So astray, hey, hey!

So if you need, a new beginning
A new local, to do your sinning
If you don't care which team is winning
Welcome to my home

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