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October 02, 2005

Artichoke to the rescue

I bought a bottle of Rose the other day just for curiosity. It was so absolutely awful when i tried it last week at one dinner that I was thinking about dumping it. But, today, I decided to give it another chance with the Artichoke I bought. Well, well! Much better... Unbelievable! The Rose actually became tolerable with artichoke... Here is why:

... Quote from this article about food and wine paring...

Similar issues attend the subject of wine with artichokes: anything you taste, be it wine, water or bagels, will taste sweeter after you've tasted an artichoke. The reason here is not acid in the food, but a natural substance called cynarin. So, if you grab a wine that is so determinedly dry it's unappealing to most people, and serve it with an artichoke gratin, you have probably improved the pleasure-giving ability of that wine. In the US, one of my favorite matches with artichokes is Provencal rose. This wine can taste delightfully fruity in the south of France, but when it gets sent here much of the fruit seems to dissipate over the ocean, and the wines can become austere. Artichokes, garlic, tomatoes, herbs, olive oil--and newly un-austere Provencal Rose.....

Yes, a perfect fix for the austere Rose... But, no more rose for me, please!

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