May 06, 2005

Hello from Torry Pines SB and Del Mar: San Diego 2005

Day 5, San Diego 2005

Today's Monday, Anchi has to work, so she left the car to me. I just drove to Torry Pines State Beach and hang out. The weather was absolutely perfect - very bright and blue... It was very peaceful on the beach. After the stroll on the beach, I went to del Mar and had my brunch on my favorate bench at the del mar plaza.

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May 02, 2005

Hello from Quail Garden: San Diego 2005

Day 4, San Diego 2005

We went to the Quail Garden at Encinitas today, but only spent about an hour walking the ground before it started raining. I did take a few photos, but not too happy with them... Oh, well. Here they are:

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This reminds me of our first trip to Quail Garden in 2003 .

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April 29, 2005

Flashback from San Diego: San Diego 2005

Day 1, San Diego 2005

OK, here is the sunset sequence from my photos at La Jolla Cove. I don't quite see it ??? What are the indications of the green flsahes Where and when am I suppose to see green ?

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Sunset sequence

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April 28, 2005

Hello from Cuyamaca State Park: San Diego 2005

Day 3, San Diego 2005

As the late morning sun shone thru the window, Anchi and I decided decided to take the chance to check out the Cuyamaca State Park and Julian just 1.5hr-drive east of San Diego. The area was burnt badly by the 2003 San Diego wildfire, so we were not sure if it has recovered yet. "Is it still bare and sad ?", we wondered...

Well, as we drove up HWY8 and 79, we were pleasantly surprised by sceneries filled with all the happy new growth and wildflowers, probably because of the unusually wet and rainy Californian winter/spring seasons. In fact, the drive was more scenic than I could ever remember. We parked our car near the bridge crossing the sweatwater river, and hiked a little along the east-side trail. Very quickly we were both taking pictures like crazy ... The scenery was quite unusual - You can imagined the original old Oak tree grove now only outlined by the dark-burnt bare tree trunks. All the wild flowers now blooming probably would not have been this prosperous without the ample sunlight allowed in...

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By 2pm, we were both cold, hungry, and out of batteries... As the clouds/fog/rain gradually set in, we drove to Julian and had MOM's apple pies and cider. After filling our stomach, we walked around the two-block town, and browsed thru some cute little shops.

When we got back to the car, Anchi realized that she forgot to turn off the headlight!!! We were both dumbfounded! "Oh, NOOO... Will AAA find a way to rescue us in this remote little mining town ??", I thought loudly to myself... Fortunately, a nice couple walked by and came back (on Anchi's request???) to give us a jump start, so we narrowly escaped a tragic end to this otherwise happy trip...8-)

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April 27, 2005

Wild parrots playing in San Diego: San Diego 2005

Day 2, San Diego 2005

Anchi went to work in the morning today, and I just slept in... When she came back and proposed to take me out, it started raining pretty hard, so we decided to go for a movie. We found this movie playing at the little Kensington landmark theater for the weekend... So we went...

It's an documentary film about this flock of wild parrots near the telgraph hill in San Francisco. It was a great film for us bird lovers... Next time if you guys come visit, we'll go check them out...OK?

After the movie, Mark Bittner actually popped out of the dark, and start answering questions and selling and signing his book... so we bought one, too...

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Hello from La Jolla cove at Sunset: San Diego 2005

DAY 1, SAN DIEGO 2005.

We ended this glorious day watching the picture perfect sunset at La Jolla Cove... While waiting for the sun to set, we took pictures of the waves crashing on to the shore. It was interesting to see the different lighting effect created by the sunlight... It was high-tide, my camera got wet, and took a few picures with this special effect 8-)

As the sun was setting, there were a lot of people taking pictures against the setting sun... They became the more interesting foreground of my photos of the almost perfectly boring sunset pictures.

Click this photo to see the slideshow... Cheers!

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Hello from Baboa Park, San Diego: San Diego 2005

DAY 1, SAN DIEGO 2005.

Continuing our first full-day tour, we dropped by the famous Baboa Park for a walk. The afternoon sun started to cast long strong shadows to the buildings and arch ways. Anchi and I had fun playing with our digital cameras. Most of my photos were out of focus though...8-(...

I just signed up for flicker for storing photos to share. As I was planning to post the photos from this trip, I found it too much work to be sening all these photos to my weblog server one by one... I also found it's more fun (and less work) to look at a series of photos in slideshow mode...

Click on the photo below, it will take you to the slideshow. Let me know if you have any problem using it... Cheers!

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April 26, 2005

Hello from Old Town, San Diego: San Diego 2005

Can you imagine a Spring Fiesta in this Garden ? After a delicious meal and plenty of Tequila and Margarita, the host would invite the guests to climb up the bell tower to enjoy the vista of his grand estate.

Old Town

After a huge lunch at Casa de Bandini, we strolled around and visited Anchi's favorate shops. The warm sun and the cool ocean breeze created the absolute perfect atmosphere that put a sunny smile on everybody's face.

Old Town

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April 25, 2005

Hello from Fiesta Island, San Diego: San Diego 2005

I had a wonderful and relaxing time in San Diego for my Spring Break!
Our first stop is Fiesta Island - part of Mission Bay. Anchi showed me the wild flowers flanking the shores. Kite Surfing, Anyone ?




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